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Q. How to return?

How to return purchased merchandise or get a replacement

Terms and Conditions for Return or Replacement of Merchandise Purchased via

  • (1) Currently customers may get a replacement for the merchandise purchased online via at Uniqlo outlets only – online merchandise replacement is not available at this time. Online replacement option is reserved only for merchandise that meets the applicable terms and conditions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  • (2) Purchased merchandise may be returned within 30 days of the purchase date indicated on the receipt attached to the shipment. Note: This 30-day return period include Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.
  • (3) Customers may choose from one of the following merchandise return channels, i.e. either online channel or at any Uniqlo outlets. Tax invoice of the merchandise to be returned should also be attached in case where the customer wants to return it directly at one of the outlets.
  • (4) UNIQLO CANNOT return items which used discount coupon or received novelty. However, customers may get a replacement any Uniqlo outlets.
  • (5) Merchandise to be replaced or returned must be intact with a price tag/product label attached and must have never been used and washed. Merchandise of which package is opened is not allowed to be replaced or returned.
  • (6) Uniqlo reserves the right not to allow the following merchandise to be returned or replaced through all available channels: lingerie, underwear, socks, miscellaneous items, and all merchandise of which package is opened.
  • (7) Packaging and others costs other than the price of merchandise may not be refunded
  • (8) Online merchandise return is reserved for those purchased through only. Merchandise purchased from Uniqlo outlets is not eligible for return via online channel. For merchandise purchased at Uniqlo outlets, customers may return it or get a replacement at any Uniqlo outlets. More details about Uniqlo outlets and contact number are available here.
  • (9) Every online merchandise, purchased through will be accept to return if the item is under our return policy. You can return item by following return process suggestion in this page and fill in the return form
  • (10) Uniqlo reserves the right to approve and make changes to the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Terms and conditions for refund

Refund will be processed in case where the purchased merchandise is returned, the merchandise in the purchase order is not complete, or the cancellation of the purchase order has occurred. Refund method will depend on the mode of payment used to place an order of the merchandise.


After that you will receive an email notification when the refund process has started. Details about refund methods and turnaround time needed to complete the refund process are provided in the table below.

Mode of payment (when you placed an order)Refund MethodTime needed to complete the refund process (from the date you receive email notification of refund)
Credit cardRefunded to credit card used to purchase the merchandiseAfter 7-14 business days (the amount will be displayed in the next billing cycle*)
Payment upon deliveryElectronic funds transfer (EFT)After 7-14 business days (for electronic funds transfer); the amount will be transferred into the bank account provided by the customer in the online merchandise return form.


* This depends on a monthly payment cycle and refund policy of relevant banks/companies (after two billing cycles have passed and you still have not received your refund, please contact your local bank for assistance).

How to return purchased merchandise

  • To ensure convenience for our customers who do the online shopping via, the following two options for returning your purchased merchandise have been made available:

    1. 1. Return your purchased items at Uniqlo outlets
    2. 2. Return your purchased items via online channel
      Customers may return the merchandise by following these simple steps:
      1. 2.2 Provide the details of the merchandise return form (at the end of the receipt of the merchandise) and attach it to the package of the merchandise of which return is being requested.

      2. 2.3 Have the merchandise shipped**along with a completed receipt to:
        11/30-31 M9, Bangna-Trat RD. KM 18, Bangchalong, Bangphli, Samutprakan 10540

  • Remarks:

  • *Merchandise of which return or replacement is being requested must be covered by the terms and conditions for return or replacement of merchandise. More details are available at “Terms and Conditions for Return or Replacement of Merchandise Purchase via”

  • **In the event that any damages to the merchandise are caused by Uniqlo’s fault, we will be responsible for the expenses associated with the shipments of returned and replacement merchandise. For all other cases, however, the expenses associated with the shipment of retuned merchandise to Uniqlo Return Department will be at the expense of the customer.

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