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Your UNIQLO clothes have another chapter. We're creating something positive for the future by keeping UNIQLO items in circulation, maximizing all the possibilities our clothes have to offer. This is RE.UNIQLO STUDIO.
  • Repair  your favorite clothes so you can keep wearing and loving them.
  • Remake them into fresh new items.
Join the new experience only at Central World on September 28, 2023

Repair Service

 Carefully repair slightly damaged areas so your favorite styles can be worn and loved for a long time
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For more information such as Price list, type of repair, and item in condition to repair please click

Remake Service (Embroidery)
 An embroidery service where you can choose from around 100 templates. We handle not only products you have just purchased, but also products you have brought in.
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Design List
(Exp.) Letter Embroidery 
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(Exp.) Embroidery from template designs
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Remake Service (SASHIKO)
We will apply traditional Japanese embroidery 'Sashiko' to the products you purchase or bring in, making them one-of-a-kind clothes in the world.

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For more information such as Price list, other designs, and item in condition for received the service please click

UNIQLO Sustainability
We collect UNIQLO down garments from all over the world and transform them into new products. We also work with NGOs and partners to distribute wearable used clothing to refugees, disaster victims, and others in need worldwide. At UNIQLO, we believe in the power of clothing to create a better tomorrow. Our clothes recycling is just one part of our sustainability efforts to RECYCLE, REUSE, and REDUCE.
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Please join us in our recycling efforts. We—and the planet—thank you.
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How to donate: You can donate at all Uniqlo stores by looking for donation box with RE-UNIQLO sign
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Remark: Only Uniqlo clothes are accepted. Please do not donate underwear, socks and other accessories


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