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Q. Uniqlo UT and KAWS Special Collaboration Collection

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Uniqlo proudly presents the world premier of KAWS's newest artbook (published by Phaidon). Launching simultaneously will be a KAWS designed UT exclusive collection to celebrate the book release. Experience the cutting-edge fusion of artbook and T-shirts combined in an exciting new way.
Start selling at the same time on September 8, 2023



Please note that customer's purchase is limited to : ※ 1 Artbook per person. ※ UT 2 pieces per pattern per person. ※ If purchases are intended for resale, UNIQLO reserves the right to cancel the order. ※ Limited quantity of products available.

**Condition for exchange items KAWS collection**
In case of customer not receive novelty as below and want to exchange items. Customer can exchange the size of item normally.
(Cannot exchange across designs)

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 "Exclusive KAWS stickers"

  • Q: How do I get a KAWS sticker?

    A: Purchase KAWS items (with every purchase of 2 items) will get free an Exclusive KAWS Sticker 1 piece at maximum of 3 pieces per receipt at Uniqlo online store and physical store.

  • Q:Can I exchange the product that received the KAWS sticker?

    A:The receipt for the purchase from both UNIQLO stores and UNIQLO online store with receiving the Exclusive KAWS Sticker can be exchanged but cannot be returned for a refund. The exchanged product must be in perfect condition according to the return policy and can be exchanged for products with the same price or higher. Please bring the receipt to UNIQLO physical store only.
    Return Policy

  • Q:Can I return the product?

    A: If the receipt of purchase receive an exclusive random KAWS sticker. The product cannot be returned. However, if the receipt does not receive the novelty. You can return the product normally.

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"KAWS Limited Edition Bag"


  • Q: How do I get a KAWS Limited Edition Bag?

    A: Receive 1 KAWS Limited Edition Bag when purchasing KAWS Artbook at any UNIQLO store or UNIQLO online store. KAWS Artbook is limited to 1 per person.

  • Q: Is KAWS Artbook available at general bookstores?

    A: In addition to UNIQLO distribution It will be officially released from September 22, 2023 onwards. Please follow more details on Phaidon official channel.

  • Q: Can I return the KAWS Artbook?

    A: KAWS Artbook cannot be returned.

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