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Q. FAQ about E-Tax Invoice

Question and Answer about E-Tax Invoice

Q: Can I register issuing E-Tax Invoice if I purchase from UNIQLO Store?
A: Sure, you can register E-Tax Invoice when purchase at UNIQLO Store and UNIQLO Online Store. You can scan the QR to access the register site or Click Here >>>

Q: How to verify email before register E-Tax Invoice?
A: You can verify email by inputting your email address (which you want to get the invoice) then check the email from your inbox and click Verify.  

Q: I cannot verify email within 10 minutes how can I do?
A: Dont worry 😊 You can register and verify email again by go to the 1st page of register E-Tax Invoice and input the email address. Then click submit for resend the new email to you. Please verify email from the Latest Email ONLY.

Q: I would like to revise E-Tax Invoice. How could I do?
A: Please send your email to request revise the document (E-Tax Invoice) to . You will get the revised document within 7 business day.

Q: I would like to get Tax Invoice the same day when I purchased. How can I do?
A: To proceed issuing E-Tax Invoice faster and correctness, we recommend you register invoice and get the E-Tax Invoice from the system within 7 business day. However, we will try to send the invoice to you as fast as we can.  
*To reduce the complicated for you if the document lost and eliminate time to waiting new document if need to revise or lost, please register in the system as recommend.

Q: Why I cannot register E-Tax Invoice?
A: If you cannot register E-tax Invoice due to not receive verify email, it might cause from the email had been installed in spam mail or Junk email. Please check in that email box once again. If you still didnt see the email. It might cause from the restriction of your email server to receive our email from UNIQLO. So that if you found this inconvenient, kindly send email to or add UNIQLO email address in your email server.

Q: Can I request to re issue E-Tax Invoice?
A: If you lost your E-Tax Invoice or Delete the email sent from us by mistake, you could request UNIQLO to resend the document to you again from

Q: I would like to register E-Tax invoice in English, can I?
A: You can input information when registering in English in order to register E-Tax in English. If customer would like to revise document, kindly send email to

Q: Can I use E-Tax Invoice to submit for getting tax benefit?
A: You can register E-Tax invoice for getting Tax benefit in the cycle year 2022 as usual.

Q: If I must exchange or return items, how can I revise my E-Tax Invoice?
A: If you would like to exchange or return items, please feel free to proceed. For E-Tax Invoice if the total amount is same as the previous version, theres no need to revise but if its changed, please contact us at

Q: I register E-Tax Invoice, can I exchange or return the item?
A: Sure, you can exchange and/or return the item even already register the E-Tax invoice.

Q: I purchase the item over 15 day but forgot to register. Can I be late register?  
A: If you didnt request within 15 business days, please click here >>


Q: Can I register issuing E-Tax Invoice if I purchase from UNIQLO Store?

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