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Q. UNIQLO is a sole distributor of UNIQLO’s products in Thailand!

UNIQLO (Thailand) Co. Ltd. or (“UNIQLO”) would like to inform all customers regarding with the sale channels of UNIQLO’s products in the following: 

UNIQLO (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a sole distributor of UNIQLO’s products in Thailand.

UNIQLO’s products available at all UNIQLO Stores and on the website only.

UNIQLO does not sell UNIQLO’s products through other channels. In addition to the channel of the UNIQLO Stores and UNIQLO Online Store.

Provided that, if the customers purchase the products from the other channels, other than the UNIQLO’s Stores and UNIQLO Online Store, UNIQLO shall not take any responsibility for any damages. 

In addition, UNIQLO would like to inform all customers that UNIQLO has no policy of joint-venture with others and/or joint-importation with others and/or sale or distribution UNIQLO’s products in other channels.

If the customers found any misconduct claims and/or distribution UNIQLO’s products other than the 2-channel as stated herein, the customers can contact UNIQLO (Thailand) Co., Ltd. at Hotline 1800-013-640 

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