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Q. Stop Using Plastic Shopping bags

At UNIQLO, we are working to reduce the environmental burden and provide products and services that customers can purchase with peace of mind.

From August 3, 2020, UNIQLO Thailand has stop using plastic shopping bag Encourage customer to bring their own bag to reduce the natural resources usage and reduce single-use plastic waste. In case that you forget to bring your shopping bag, we prepare the paper shopping bag 2 Baht fee (tax included), the revenue from selling paper bag, UNIQLO will donate to Wild Animal Rescue Foundation for Thailand to support their working on wildlife and environmental conservation.

User-added image
Environmentally friendly paper pattern shopping bag / 2 THB per sheet (tax included).
We use environmentally friendly paper and recycled paper which grant FSC certified (paper from sustainable source including not from conservation or valuable forest, no illegal labor etc. for efforts to reduce the use of disposable plastics.

In addition, we offer  UNIQLO original eco bag Size M/L price 60 Baht (Include Tax)
Shopping ► UNIQLO eco bag Size L
                     UNIQLO eco bag Size M
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UNIQLO appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

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