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Q. How can I modify or cancel my order?

Modify/Cancel Order

Cancellation is possible from the site within 30 minutes after ordering .

The following cancellations are not possible.
•    When 30 minutes have passed after ordering
•    When UNIQLO store cashier payment (online delivery after payment) is selected
•    Cancellation of only some products
•    If you cannot cancel, please return the unnecessary items within 30 days from the date of order after receiving them. Customers are responsible for the return shipping charges. Please check here for returns .

[Cancellation method]


1. Launch the UNIQLO app
2. Tap your membership card (bottom right)
3. Tap the online store order status
4. Tap "Cancel" for the relevant order
5. Tap "Cancel order"

smartphone site

1. Tap the account (upper right)
2. Tap the online store order status
3. Tap "Cancel" of the corresponding order
4. Tap "Cancel order"

PC site

1. Click the person mark (upper right)
2. Click the online store order status
3. Click "Cancel order" for the corresponding order
•    You need to log in to the online store .
•    Even after 30 minutes, the "Cancel Order" button may appear in the order history list. If you press the cancel button and the message "Error" is displayed, you cannot cancel.


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