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Q. How to use Chat (Messaging) support?

With regard to inquiries to UNIQLO, a chat bot and a chat expert operator who will automatically answer the questions asked by customers 24 hours a day will be answered. If you have a question that chatbot cannot answer, please inform your question to us via this contact link Click here

In addition, even if the customer interrupts the conversation once, it can be resumed at the desired time on the same device and browser. Please feel free to contact us.

How to use


STEP.1 Start chat screen

Go to Contact us page then please tap the " IQ BY CHAT"  in the site.

STEP.2 Input/send question text

Tap the inquiry menu, or enter the inquiry content in the text input field at the bottom and tap "→".

STEP.3 Inquiry to chat specialized operator

If you would like to contact a chat specialist, please enter "Connect to Operator" in the text entry field. You can also connect to the operator by selecting "Chat 9am-8pm" in "Contact Operator".

STEP.4 End of chat

Tap "+" and then tap End conversation.
Our chat (messaging) support terms and conditions

Before using "Chat (Messaging) Support", please be sure to confirm the following agreements.

● About this service

(1) This service is a chatbot that uses AI technology, or an operator answers in text by inquiring from our web page and UNIQLO application.
(2) Customers are required to agree to this agreement each time they inquire about this service.

● Hours of use of

this service This service can be used only during the reception hours specified by us.

● Scope of inquiries

This service will not respond to the inquiries listed in the following items.
(1) Inquiries that are not related to our services or inquiries that deviate from the scope of business
(2) When responding, comply with the laws, guidelines or administrative guidance that apply to us and other rules that we must comply with Inquiries that can not be answered by the method etc.
(3) In addition to the items listed in the preceding items, if we determine that this service can not give an appropriate answer to the customer, or if listed in the preceding items, we will We may reply to the customer by other means such as telephone or email, or request the customer to make an inquiry by other means.

●Personal information, etc.

(1) Information handled by this service shall be handled based on the “Privacy Policy” established separately by the Company.
(2) In this service, please do not directly describe the personal information of customers and others (name, address, telephone number, email address, account number, credit card number, etc.).
(3) If you want to confirm personal information from our company in this service, we will separately send a secure input form in chat, so please enter it there.
*The input form may not open depending on your usage environment. In that case, we may ask you to enter it directly, but please be assured that there is no security problem.
(4) The Company shall specify the records of customer responses (including personal information, etc.) from this service using the method prescribed by the Company in order to improve the quality of responses and to confirm the content of inquiries afterwards. Will be recorded and saved by a proper method during the period.

● Disconnection In

the following cases, we may terminate the service and terminate the connection with the customer without the customer's consent.
(1) If the input contents are not readable due to garbled characters, etc.
(2) If there is no response from the customer even after a certain period of time has passed since the reply from the
company, (3) slander or slander to the company or the company employee, harassment, etc., and do not conform to this service purposes the Company if it is determined
if the Company and went to say that is normally required for the (4) Contact is determined
(5) telephone, mail, corresponding to that by other methods it is a case where we determine is appropriate
(6) in addition, if the Company has determined that not suitable to continue the correspondence according to the service of the customer

● service of change, such as

the Company, to inform on our web page By doing so, the provision of this service may be terminated or stopped, or the content thereof may be changed at any time.


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