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Q. CCTV Policy

CCTV Policy  

Uniqlo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   

This CCTV Policy (“Policy”) is to inform you about Uniqlo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Uniqlo”, “we”, “our” or “us”) install and use of closed-circuit television (“CCTV”) devices to monitor and record the activities and incidents within or around Uniqlo Store, in order to safeguard the well-being of customers, employees, visitors or any individual entering into Uniqlo Store (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “your” or “them”), as well as the personnel (life and health) and property of them. This Policy is described to the collecting, using, and disclosing of your personal data in the following manners.  


Uniqlo reserves the right to amend this Policy at any time, in its sole discretion, to modify, revise, or update this Policy. Uniqlo will use reasonable endeavors to notify you in appropriate manner of any modification to this Policy.  


1. Personal Data  

Uniqlo will collect your still and moving footages, images, and/or voice which may include your belonging as observable by CCTV footage (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data”), when entering into the monitored space in Uniqlo Store through CCTV devices for the purpose monitoring your personnel life, health, and property.  


2. Colleting, using and disclosing Personal Data by lawful basis  

Uniqlo will collect, use, disclose, or process your Personal Data in compliance with the lawful basis in the following manners:  

(1) Vital interest: it is to prevent, protect and/or suppress a danger to a person’s life, body, and health.  

(2) Legitimate interest: it is in our legitimate interest: (a) to protect your health and personal safety, as well as your belongings, Uniqlo Store, facilities and assets from damage, disruption, and other crime; (b) to assist in the effective resolution of disputes which arise in the course of disciplinary or grievance proceedings; (c) to assist in the establishment or defense of any litigation, including but not limited to criminal offence and employment proceedings; and (d) to carry out any other acts to achieve the Policy purposes.   

(3) Legal obligation: it is to comply with applicable legal obligation and cooperating with government authorities, including but not limited to the laws regarding Occupational Safety, Health and Environment in the workplace.  


3. Disclosure of your Personal Data 

We will keep your Personal Data in confidentiality basis and will not disclose or transfer your Personal Data to any third party, unless having the necessity to disclose in order to comply with the purpose hereof and/or comply to the law’s requirement.   


4. Security 

Uniqlo uses adequate and reasonable organizational, technical, and physical measures to secure and protect your Personal Data from any unlawful or unauthorized destruction, access, use, alteration, or disclosure.


5. Retention period  

Uniqlo will retain your Personal Data as long as it’s necessary to achieve the purpose of this Policy, nonetheless, your Personal Data shall not be retained for longer than one (1) month. Upon the expiration of this retention period, your Personal Data will be deleted or disposed.  


6. Uniqlo contacting details 

    Contact number of Uniqlo Customer Service Center: 1800-013-640 

    Email address: 


7. Others 

Uniqlo reserves the right to change or revise this CCTV Policy from time to time without prior notice to incorporate any changes in its procedures for protecting the Personal Data or any regulatory changes. 

We will notify you of any amendments to this CCTV Policy via announcements on Uniqlo’s website or any other appropriate means. Please check Uniqlo’s website from time to time to see if there are amendments to this CCTV Policy. If we amend this CCTV Policy, the amendment will only apply to Personal Data collected after we have posted the revised CCTV Policy. By continuing to use the services, purchasing products from Uniqlo, you will be considered as having agreed to and accepted those amendments. 

This CCTV Policy is issued in both English and Thai languages. In the event of any inconsistencies or discrepancies between the English version and the Thai version, the English version shall prevail. 

CCTV Policy dated on 1st August 2023 



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