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Q. RE-UNIQLO Warm Cloth Donation

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UNIQLO (Thailand) cooperates with CPN to organize the event RE-UNIQLO Warm Cloth Donation for customers to donate unused clothes to exchange for a special Doraemon cloth bag.


  • Q : Where is this event taking place?

    In front of a temporary UNIQLO store. Central World Department Store, G Floor, Dazzle Zone
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  • Q: When was the event held? And when will it end?

    The event takes place between 24-29 May 2023

  • Q: Donated items must be UNIQLO products only?

    Customers can bring warm products to donate at the donation point as UNIQLO products or any brand that is in perfect condition and can be used, including children's products can be donated.

  • Q: How can I get the Doraemon tote bag?

    * Customers will receive a special Doraemon RE.UNIQLO tote bag, amount 1 piece when donating at least 1 piece of product. **You will receive 1 waterproof bag when participating in the event and sharing the post or photo from the event from UNIQLO's public relations media to your social media.

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