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Q. NEW U-New Uniqlo Experience Store @Siam Square

Product&Service / UTme

  • Q: Will UTme service be available at the NEW U-New Uniqlo Experience?

    A: The UTME service is open again at the New U-New Uniqlo Experience store. Customers can contact the store staff to inquire. Or ask for more help about using the service The service fee will be calculated with UT shirts starting at 590 baht. Customers can choose to print shirt patterns on both sides, which the shirt print will take an average of 30 minutes per piece.
    * *The duration of the product receives the product and the service depends on the amount of the queue of customers who use the service on that day as well.

  • Q: Does the NEW U-New UNIQLO Experience have a fitting room and alteration service?

    A: The shop has 3 fitting rooms on the 2nd floor of the shop. Customers can try to put products. And order products at the UNIQLO online store through UNIQLO applications Or UNIQLO website In addition, the shop also offers measures to measure the pants to take care of customers to measure the size of the pants. Ready to use the alteration service through the purchase of products at UNIQLO online immediately.

  • Q: Is there any discounts or promotion at New U-New UNIQLO Experience store?

    A: Customers who are UNIQLO membership and have UNIQLO application. Just show UNIQLO applications to the staff. Will receive the following benefits as follows. Get a 10% discount when buying coffee and flowers for free at Photo booth, 3rd floor (limited to 100 people per day) and receiving the gift of Canvas bags when buying 3,000 baht and selecting payment. At the branch shop (Pay in Store)

  • Q: The NEW U-New UNIQLO Experience stores have available products for sale like other branches?

    A: At the New U-New UNIQLO Experience, there are real products for viewing. However, buying products must be operated online, with the New U-New UNIQLO Experience store, there will be expert employees waiting to give assistance to customers.


  • Q: If buying products at the New U-New Uniqlo Experience store, How can I pay?

    A: Customers can choose to pay for the product with the Cashless system, which can pay by paying at the branch shop or Pay in Store at the shop after ordering the desired product online store. In which customers can choose to pay with credit cards, debit cards and QR Code.

  • Q: What are the advantages of payment at the store (Pay in Store)?

    A: Payment at the NEW U-New UNIQLO Experience store is convenient for customers who already choose to buy products inside the shop. But the desired product is on sale at the UNIQLO Shop online. Customers can buy products via online stores. And pay at the branch shop within 2 hours. Other than that In the event that you choose to pay at the store, UNIQLO New U Store will be able to change. And return the product at the UNIQLO branch near the house nationwide

  • Q: I chose to pay at the store in the store (Pay in Store). Why is my order being cancelled?

    A: In case that the order is cancelled can occur if the customer does not pay within 2 hours after pressing the order. Or there is an error in the payment occurs at stores. If customers need more help please contact us at

  • Q: I chose to use Alteration service at the UNIQLO Shop online. But when in check out page, why doesn't there be a payment method at the store (Pay in Store)?

    A: If you customers choose to use Alteration service at the UNIQLO shop online. Will not be able to choose the method of payment at the storefront branch [Pay in store] Therefore, We would like to recommend you to choose payment method as the Pay in Store first and then bring the product to contact the branch shop to receive the alteration service. Or if not convenient to go to the shop later Customers can choose to pay other method. Such as Cash on delivery or paying with a debit credit card.

  • Q: Can I pay at the branch (Pay in Store) on the day of receiving the product (Click and Collect)?

    A: Sorry, payment at the store. Customer need to make purchase process at the store that customer select after 2 hours after pressing the order. Payment at the store will not be a post paid payment, So customers have to pay before receiving the Click and Collect
    (*Click and Collect Delivered from the warehouse to the branch shop within 3-5 days)


  • Q: If buying products via UNIQLO online And choose to pay at the Pay in Store at the UNIQLO New U branch. Where can I contact to exchange the product?

    A: Customers can contact to exchange / return the product at all UNICLO stores nationwide except NEW U-New Uniqlo Experience store.

  • Q: If buying a discounted product Or promotional products Will be able to request to exchange the product?

    A: Discounted products or promotion products can exchange. However, the product must be under the terms and conditions of the UNIQLO policy.

Tax Invoice and Tourist Vat Refund

  • Q: If I bought the product from UNIQLO online and pay as Pay in Store at UNIQLO New U branch, How Can Issued Tax Invoices?

    A: Customers can issue a Tax Invoice in the form of E-TAX by yourself by Filling Out the Link Information.

  • Q: Can I buy products at the online from UNIQLO store? Can I ask for the Tourist VAT Refund?

    A: For ordering products through online stores Currently, the government has not yet approved the Tourist VAT Refund document, but in the case of buying and using the UTME service at the UNIQLO New U store, Can request to issue the Tourist VAT Refund at the same day of purchase.


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