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Q. About credit card payment

If you wish to pay by credit card, the following credit cards can be used.

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1. UNIQLO will bear the usage fee.
2. The date of use is not the date of order but the date of shipment from our warehouse.

3. The withdrawal date is the settlement date of your credit card company.
       •    Cards issued overseas may not be accepted to prevent unauthorized use.
       •    If you do not have a security code or you do not know it, please contact your credit card issuer.

If you use a debit card, you will be charged immediately when your order is completed due to immediate payment. Refunds for returns and cancellations can take a considerable number of days.

Please confirm:

•    Since only "one-time payment" is available, "installment payment" and "bonus 
      one-time payment" cannot be used.
•    Credit cards other than the person's name cannot be used.
•    Customers under the age of 18 cannot use a family card.
•    Credit card payment (e-collect) when the product arrives is not available.
•    If you choose to pay by credit card, you will be required to enter your security 
•    When entering the credit card holder, please enter in half-width alphabetic
•    We use "TLS" for privacy protection and security measures so that our
      customers can use it safely. 

     * If you get an error even if you enter the card information correctly when ordering, please contact your card company.

FAQ about credit/debit card payment

    My money in the credit card already been deducted from the credit/debit card but I found later that the order has been cancelled. 

•    You may get the  SMS or message from issuing bank application but it doesn't mean you will be charged for this order because UNIQLO system will confirm and collect your money when your order has been confirmed and success. When your order has been packed and shipped out from the warehouse then we can confirm the collection to your issuing bank. Therefore, please feel free that we won't charged if your order has been cancelled. You can check your order status by yourself at  "Order History" in UNIQLO Application. 

    When will I get back the credit amount from issuing bank?

•    The period to release your credit is depend on the processing time of your bank. Basically it will be reflect in the next round of your statement or not over 45 business day.  You may not required to submit any request to your bank, it's the automatic process. In case that you need more help from the bank, please contact your bank and present the cancellation status in your application or cancellation email to the bank for next process. 

    I paid by debit card and my money in the account already been deducted. I would like to get the money back to pay for others. 

•    We are sorry for any inconvenient. In case that your order couldn't be confirmed properly during the placing order. The issuing bank system might be confirmed this amount waiting for collection from retail. So that you could contact your bank to asking about the period of release money and request to proceed the next step to your bank. Kindly prepare and present the cancellation email or cancel order status in Order History in application to you bank.   

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